Nikhil Komirisetti

Chapel Hill, NC · UNC ·

I'm still learning a lot, so stay tuned 👀


Capital One

Software Engineering Intern
  • Developed dynamic application generator for Java Spring and Kotlin applications compliant with both company goals and security standards with React-based UI, CLI, and API interfaces to increase adoption
  • Leveraged modern technologies and skills such as MongoDB and machine learning to manage analytic data and quantify and predict development impact and gauge future feature implementations
  • Deployed solution using cloud solutions such as AWS lambdas, S3 buckets, and EC2 instances
May 2019 to August 2019


Software Engineering Intern
  • Leveraged analytic data from Garmin’s desktop and mobile applications and integrated, using InfluxDB, into a real-time analytics website with graphs and panels in order to ease reporting for many internal groups
  • Identified inefficiencies in team processes and updated internal tools to improve management of different versions of consumer applications
  • Collaborated with team on all self-initiated and delegated projects using Visual Studio Team Services, Git version control, and scrum methodology
May 2018 to August 2018

UNC Computer Science Department

Head Teaching Assistant
  • Organize, design, and lead lesson plans for over 400 students in topics ranging from unit testing to asynchronous programming
  • Cooperate with professor and direct other teaching assistants to ensure fulfillment of all course requirements while promoting a positive learning environment for all students
  • Develop curriculum and meet 42 junior TAs every week to reinforce and reeducate key concepts critical for student success along with holding weekly drop in office hours for direct support for students
January 2018 - present

Girls Who Code

Teaching Instructor
  • Instruct and motivate local middle school and high school girls by providing weekly and approachable programming instruction
  • Improve student confidence towards improving CS gender equality
May 2019 - present


Chief Director
  • Oversaw planning, logistics, finances, and successful execution of NC’s largest public hackathon by leading a team of over 40 members
  • Coordinated between vendors, sponsors, university personnel, committee leaders, and volunteers to ensure entire 24-hour event occurred smoothly
Janurary 2017 - May 2019

Inside (game)

I made this game in collaboration with my friends Sophia and Tom. The premise of the game is that you play the role of an artificial guardian guiding a girl through a research facility. The story can take multiple paths, and it's up to the player to decide how to save this girl.

We made this for the 2019 UNC Game Jam. We kept the technologies pretty simple, nothing fancy outside of JQuery and 3D CSS. We think it turned out quite nicely.


We had to make a simple minesweeper game for our web development class.

I thought emojis were cute, and I loved the idea of making it a have watermelon color scheme, so here we are.

COMP 401 Tools

Front End

Being a TA for a giant Computer Science class means making the right tools to help me get the job done. When dealing with 400 students at once, attendance becames a difficult challenge. A solution I made for this problem is creating an attendance taking software suite that works in two parts, a web front end and a java back end. The web front end displays a link to a Google form that students and the class enter their attendance on. It also displays a 5 digit authentication code based on a hash of the current time stamp, which the student must enter into their form before submission. The code changes every 20 seconds, and the student must enter their code in before that time. This gives us a way to ensure that students are physically attending class.

Back End

The second part of this solution is a java back end that calculates the attendance of every student every day, and generates a csv that is able to upload directly into our learning management system. This program also verifies the authentication code for every student every day, and allows us to provide attendance grades rapidly to students.


One of my favorite game series of all time is Pokémon. I recently started playing one of the newer games, and I realized I didn't know a single one of the new ones past generation 4. So, why not make a little project out of it and make a really simple Pokédex?

The really special thing about this website is the color scheme system, it actually changes colors based on whichever Pokémon you select!

Coffee Compass

After my sophomore year I interned at Garmin in Kansas City. Kansas City was also hosting a hackathon during that summer, seemed like the perfect chance for me to make an app for a Garmin smartwatch.

This app basically points you in the direction of the nearest coffee shop, and shows you how far it is to get there. We use the GPS on the device and the FourSquare API to find that information for us, it was quite surprsing to see the API call work so flawlessly on that device.

Study Smarter

I made this Android app as a final project for my android app development class. The goal of the application is to essentially provide a user with a much better way to study using flash cards.

I used machine learning to identify which cards a user had difficulty with, and then prioritzed those to help them study better


You're the newest software engineer at work, and you've been asked to debug code! Will you be able to squash all the bugs and keep your job?

I made this game as part of a GameJam at UNC with a lot of my friends, I'm still not sure if we made a game or a Windows 95 Emulator


Think you have what to takes to place on the Trivia leaderboards? Try your shot at lots of different categories and see where you place!

I made this game during COVID-19, and it was born out of me missing all the different trivia events I used to do at Chapel Hill. I used OpenTriviaDB as the api to load questions in from, and I built my own API and database to store all the high scores users get on different categories.